QFSWALLETS Token Has Been Released! The Easiest Way to Own the QFS!

QFSWALLETS! The one coin to own them all!

The one coin to contain them all!

NOW BACKED BY 2% REAL GOLD & PRECIOUS METALS! Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum!


The QFS wallets currently contain over 1600 QFS coins bought when they were first released! This wallet contains 1M to 100M of most those QFS tokens!

QFSWALLETS now contains more than 1.4 trillion QFS tokens!

The goal of QFS Wallet Investments is to pool our funds together whilst increasing everyone’s profits. The bigger the pool, the more new tokens we can buy and the bigger the profits!

Your QFS monthly investment will be used to buy a share in the QFS Wallet Pool and allow me to continue to add new tokens to the existing pool with profits being distributed using the QFS Wallets token and Stellar Protocol 18.

QFS Wallets Pool balance is starting at USDC$41,751. It can be bought in Lobstr with XLM, USDC and others. It has a price locked at USDC$10 per token for this month. Each month will have a new Wallet Pool Balance. Profits paid daily via QFSWALLETS token when Stellar P18 allows.

Buy in USDC to get the set price of 1 QFSWALLETS for 10 USDC. I have also put in a small buy-back program, If you wish you sell.

This is all of the tokens scrolled through on a video length 2.50 mins

This is the current value in USD of the QFS Wallets Pool locked until the end of the month. This is the price used for this months buy-in of QFSWALLETS Investment Pool

QFSWALLETS Token Has Been Released! The Easiest Way to Own the QFS! The One Token to Own Them ALL! 

ALL QFSWALLETS TOKENS! The One Token to Own Them All! | XRP Billionaires Club PRO on Patreon

QFSWALLETS is the one token to invest in to have them all. This token contains all of the other tokens in the QFS! It is the only token that you need!

“The one coin to own them all! QFSWALLETS!



* OR search xrpbc.stellarmint.io in Lobstr to get the real one.