QFSWALLETS is a utility token, will be a currency token and is massive HODL. This token is valued in USDC and had a starting price of $10 USDC for each token.

QFSWALLETS started collecting tokens in Lobstr in October 2020 and have been adding more and more tokens ever since.

The price of QFSWALLETS is based on the amount of new investment that processes through the escrow account and not on the total amount of sales of the token. Though there is lots of trading in between.

The tokens that are bought from the escrow account increase the escrow price, the tokens that are traded in the market place by others do not increase the escrow price.

When the escrow receives the investment, the tokens are transferred and the escrow price is increased to match the increase in investment.

When the release of new QFS tokens settles down, a buy-back program will be implemented to keep the price of QFSWALLETS between 2 set price points. For now, those resources are being pumped into the purchasing of new tokens. The token price can vary wildly at this time in the early development of the QFS because of this. As the QFS matures, we will see more stability develop.

After protocol 19 & 20 are implemented, all of these tokens will be backed by precious metals. At that point, the tokens will all be staked and hourly dividends will be paid out to QFSWALLETS token holders.

QFSWALLETS goal is to hodl these tokens and to never sell them. Buying was started so early in the emerging QFS that it is expected that we will never see these price points again. The longer we hold them the more valuable they will become. QFSWALLETS often sees individual tokens raise in value to the order of millions to 1, a sign of things to come when the whole market stabilishes!